Panda in Palms, snyrtiveski stórt

Vörumerki: Catseye
Vörunúmer: Catseye
Lagerstaða: Til á lager
3.990 ISK
Án vsk.: 3.990 ISK
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Panda in Palms, snyrtiveski stórt

Product Details

From an exotic escape to a lazy break, the Panda in Palms Wash Bag is perfect for keeping all of your necessities in one place. Its box design and neat inner pocket means there is plenty of room for all your bits and bobs, and the coated cotton cover keeps it looking fresh as a daisy-even during the rainy season!


  • Complies with the European Directive for this product group.
  • Made from 100% paper board. 
  • Wipe clean only.